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Jim Henry’s Contact Corner #02


Welcome Cov, our neighbours are dominating the league this year and it will take a top performance from us today to get a result. Congrats and all the best to Matt Price on his testimonial year.

As promised, a few words on two of our returning staff members.

Andy Rhys Jones, a real club man and success story of the programme. Andy started as a Performance Analysis (P.A.) volunteer four years ago and has managed to finish his degree, gain full-time employment with Tigers and more recently return to the program as head of P.A. for Performance Sport and assistant rugby programme manager. He will often be seen dragging his ball bag out to do a lineout session with BUCS 2 and providing personal P.A. support to Blaze. Good to have you back Duster.

Gareth Harris, who previously worked his way up the club from BUCS 3 to league XV regular. Gaz lads career was founded on following Harry Williams around Nat 2 North, Nat 1 then over to Jersey in the Champ. Harry’s move to the Prem was a step too far for Gaz, and following a short spell in the city he turned up back on campus in the same boaters he left in 2 years ago. Gaz loves lineouts and scrums and the lads really benefit from his work rate for the club.

Alumni update. Jason Phipps the Richmond legend has been offered a contract extension for next season, he will be covering a duel playing/coaching role specialising in S&C. Jason’s a real specimen of a human who knows exactly what’s required to hit peak condition, renowned for his over-developed traps the Richmond lads will benefit hugely from his new role. Congrats King. Also, Sam Fisher has reached the 21 stone mark, probably his greatest achievement to date.

Up the ‘boro,